Learn knowledge about mushroom foraging to last a lifetime. Here in South Africa, we are blessed with a variety of wild, edible mushrooms which grow throughout the changing seasons. From indigenous forests, farmlands and plantations of exotic trees, there is free food waiting to be found – but you have to know what to look for.

When it comes to harvesting wild mushrooms, it is true that one mistake may be highly dangerous, but there are a few golden rules of thumb which may be followed to avoid any such unpleasantries. I pride myself in teaching these rules of safely gathering wild mushrooms.

Read the story about how I became involved with mushroom foraging.



Mushroom South Africa workshop

The ‘silent hunt’ is a wonderful pastime with a great reward at the end of it. It’s an ancient practice which many cultures across the globe have observed for centuries. Mushrooms are sensitive organisms and will only grow when conditions are just right, so by learning the ropes you’ll be able to always know when the right time is to gather them.

I can accommodate groupsย of 5-25 people for guided mushroom tours, and these tours take place around South Africa when conditions are right.



Mushroom hunt workshop tour South Africa 33
Mushroom hunt at Boscehndal.

If conditions are not favourable for the growth of mushrooms but you’d still like to learn the ropes of mushroom foraging and the theory around it, I offer mushroom workshops around South Africa. There is plenty of knowledge to be learned even without visiting the forest.


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